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Sand Blasting

This Sand Blasting machine designed for sandblasting flat glass can offer plain and design patterns. It is a fully automatic machine, with one automatic gun and one manual gun. The machine is fully controlled by PLC and is equipped with inverters. The working height and speed of the robot is adjustable as well as the belt speed, through the PLC touch screen.

The ITGS2300 Sandblaster utilizes a PLC computer made by SIEMENS (Germany) to control its X&Y movements and sandblast density. The computer stores up to 9 different operating programs. The operator can designate, on a given program, if only a subset or the entire glass area should be sandblasted. Within the same program, he can control the number of times the sprayer passes over a given area (or subset) and/or if the area (or subset) should be sprayed by one or two guns. The program also controls the speed and rate by which the glass advances. The ITGS2300 has a fourth available sprayer that can be operated manually and the glass advance controlled by foot pedal.  The ITGS2300 comes with s separate free standing closed filtration system to recirculate the aluminum oxide and reduce waste. The ITGS2300 provides the user with a special wave blast application feature where the sandblasted area can be made increase/decreases in intensity smoothly.