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Whether in Facades, curtain walls, balustrades, handrails, internal partitions, shower cubicles & another array of endless applications, the usage of glass is constantly increasing.

The glass is a multi-functional material that apart from transparency, offers many properties that can be combined which makes it a widely used building material.

At INTGLASS, we process this multi-functional material with the state of the art machines certified by the leading glass manufacturers globally thereby assuring you of the finest quality products coupled with a team of experts who can assist you achieve the set-forth performance requirements & provide you with a cost-effective solution. With over a decade of experience in catering to some of the niche projects across KSA, INTGLASS desires to continue contributing positively & constructively to the ever-increasing demands of the glass industry.

The glass is our passion & we process our passions with a variety of offerings such as cutting, lami-cutting, polishing, drilling, beveling, plain & design sand-blasting, heat-strengthening, tempering, heat-soaking, lamination & insulated glazing. Currently catering to some of the most prestigious projects, INTGLASS intends to spread its wings to other regions in the near future and thereby keep challenging our limits to expand our boundaries and meet the ever-growing demands of the present day construction industry.

Our vision

To build a sturdy customer base across the region that shall recognize us for the quality & service of our products & continue to be associated with us in our growth to become one of the supreme glass processors in the region.

Our mission

To ABSORB the desires, REFLECT the ideas and TRANSMIT the thoughts to create a product with sustainability, finesse and caliber for all.


  • Offers a world class glass processing facility to cater to your projects.
  • Has a team of experienced professions to handle your enquiries & concerns
  • Shall provide attention to detail to ensure complete accuracy
  • Shall provide you with prompt responses to your queries
  • Shall do whatever it takes to adhere to delivery commitments
  • Shall work in such a way so as to exceed customer expectations
  • Shall provide the clients with prompt after sales service & support

Why Glass?

Comfort and energy control

Coated glass, whether laminated or assembled into double or triple glazing, gives increased protection against cold (by reflecting heat back into the building) and against heat (by reflecting away the rays of the sun). In fact both functions are generally combined, thus assuring not only better energy control but also protection of the environment. Such types of glass make an important contribution to “zero energy” buildings while letting in daylight everywhere. In the automotive industry they reduce heating in the passenger cell by blocking out the sun’s infrared radiation.

Active glass with variable light transmission switches from clear to dark at the touch of a button. The amount of light and heat getting into the car interior can be constantly varied to suit the needs or the moods of the moment.

Safety and health

Laminated or toughened safety glass guards against injury and protects property against vandalism or break-in. Fire-resistant glass protects against fire by reducing or even entirely blocking heat radiation for anything from 30 to 120 minutes, depending on its composition. Acoustic insulation glass protects against external noise nuisance and contributes towards the health and peace of mind of the building occupants. Finally, anti-UV glass helps to prevent skin damage.


Glass enhances building exteriors and the design of vehicles. Inside it contributes light and space and permits personalization. In fact there are endless decorative possibilities for combining the aesthetic with the practical: glass can be mirrored, lacquered, screen-printed, patterned, electroluminescent, anti-reflection, highly transparent…

Infotainment and communication 

Glass with built-in LEDs without visible wiring can be used to create images, for example in signs (illuminated logos) or even animated images on building facades. Another application is head-up displays for cars, where the instruments appear to float in the windscreen. Glass with built-in antennae permits a range of services (traffic information, entertainment etc.) and connects between one vehicle and another or between the vehicle and roadside infrastructure. Finally, the protection and light transmission properties of glass come into their own in high-tech touchscreen applications.

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